Some tips for men about their clothing & style

  1. A few decades ago the word fashion is only related to women about their clothing, jewellery and other fashion accessories but from last few passing year the world fashionable can now add in men’s dictionary also. If you have take a look at man clothing list you can see its very large and enclose numberless items start from glossy sunglasses, perfumes, stylish tie, socks, branded shoes and many more.

Men fashionable items:-

  • Branded watches:- Branded watches are very fashionable accessories for men it is available in various designs and in colour also now a days.
  • Leather wallets:– Carrying different styles leather wallets becomes a passion among men’s it defines their attitude.
  • Trendy belts:– Now a day’s belts of various designs and colours are one of the most fashionable accessories for men.
  • Men eye care Accessories :– Now men just cannot compromise with their eye accessories comfort fit durableness and styles all are precedence during selecting men’s sunglasses and contact lens
  1. Tips of clothing for men:-

The short waist men should  from carrying jeans of pants as much as possible for them. They should avail wearing the short lengthy T-shirts which highlights more there short waist. A union of black trouser with shirt will not go according to your body style. It can intervene with the upright flour. They show keep in inch longer or waist while stitching their pants.

  • For long waist men:-

Long west men should do the thing the other way round in comparison of short waist men. They should carry jeans & pants as much as they can. They should wear contrasting T-shirt to avoid the people eyes going down from legs. They can also carry the belt with great buckle.

         Helpful fashion tips:-

  • The men who are thin & small they should wear the big or bold patterns dress because it helps to look them bigger than actual size.
  • Horizontal design dress helpful to you to look wider.
  • The sign up pattern dress help you to look longer than actual.